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HEALTHY LUXE; Appreciation for Health, Wellness and Green Lifestyle.


Are you ready to build a better world together!?

Only together we can build a better YOU and a better WORLD

with meaningful opportunities to drive impact.

We invite you to join our  giant like-mountains Crowdfunding Events

to contribute the most Popular & Everlasting Fundraising projects for

not only give but also receive!

#1 Crowdfunding

This amazing project has an incredible mission and truly a merit. With your donorship, you will not only remove the poverty but also heal the world, including yourself!

#2 Crowdfunding

This project is designed to make you even with the receiver. When you become a donor of this project, you will receive the same amount of what you give to the project.

#3 Crowdfunding

It's designed to end unemployment with the easiest work. When you become a donor of this project, you'll receive according to your level of contribution & sharing with more contributors.

All donors who wish to give and receive health and wealth can start by purchasing an important product for our health. Your contributions will start solving two most important things in the life one at a time: poverty and dis-eases. 





The idea behind this one-a-kind crowdfunding event is, benefiting equally when you give with a small start. Only $10 contribution will start you to get a business team and will return back to your wallet upon registration.

Becoming a donor of this crowdfunding project has a divine-like cause because it  aims to end unemployment with the easiest work. A decent amount of investment can build a huge business for many people and eventually return back to the giver. 



Voluntary Amount

You can also contribute with a voluntary amount for

a partial contribution which can be used for others collectively.  

Just click below and type your own amount. 

A Better You & A Better World

We are powerful beings to make changes with the right action. How we feel can discipline our minds and behaviors. Very restricted circumstances can over-shade our spirit and capabilities to make changes in ourselves and others which can create emptiness in our inside. The emptiness we have inside of us can only be filled by reconnecting ourselves and each other through investment. When we take responsibility for what we put out in the world, then we'll start seeing how much we affect our world and witness that how giving is actually receiving!

Through this reality, we selected our Crowdfunding Projects which are a shortcut for mutual investments. We made commitments to provide gain with no pain and can only be achieved if we work together as a team and partners to win-win. Supporting our projects and spreading the world to others will tremendously aid our wounds, create happy and productive individuals including ourselves. Let's share the LOVE by joining us on this journey to build a BETTER YOU and a BETTER WORLD!

Giant Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding With A Unique Organization



From Health to Education, Military to Veterans, Kids to Families, thousands of new projects .

295.7 M


With the giant fundraising goals and heroic causes, nearly 300 million fundraising achieved.



Over 5,000 successful campaigns with exceeded goals helped many individuals and families.

Get More Great Events

We share the LOVE! To know more awesome events and get mutual benefits of giving and receiving, join our calendar. Let's save the world one at a time!

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