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HEALTHY LUXE; Appreciation for Health, Wellness and Green Lifestyle.


We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

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AF Green Team

Our Green Team is one of the best teams in creating cohesive wellness awareness and ethical and sustainable natural products for the conscious consumers.

They work hard to help your dream come true for Healthy Holistic Luxe Living and Green Lifestyle in presenting a wide array­ of exceptional resources to promote physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being.

AK Green Team evolved from a shared love and appreciation for Health, Wellness and Green Lifestyle. They are happy to serve you in any way they can for a healthy and happy life.

Our Story

Akasya Farm (AF) staff is passionate about all aspects of life in quality, function, wellness and longevity of each generation. AF is "The Driving Force Behind the Wellness Trend". We want to bring like-minded people together through a journey of holistic health, organic and sustainable lifestyle luxe attainable, accessible and affordable.

We value your life and wish to enjoy the whole process and make the most of each day by working hard for your life while having fun. We never sacrifice quality for educating and implementing personal journey of health and wellness for a lifetime at organic luxe.

We know that many people desire to involve in organic gardening/farming in order to get best nourishment. We want those tap into the world of whole, unprocessed foods; developing a whole new relationship to plants, wellness, nourishment and the earth around us, understanding what it meant to be connected to the food we eat, how food choices effect us and the planet, and in the profound healing power of pasture-fed protein, non-gmo, organic fruits & vegetables.

We want everybody realize that food, nutrition and wellness will always be the driving force behind everything we do. We aim to inspire you to become mindfully inclusive, initiate healthier choices, wake you up and gain healthy lifestyle habits.

You are not alone! Reach out and share with us, stay connected and inspired through our newsletter.


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