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HEALTHY LUXE; Appreciation for Health, Wellness and Green Lifestyle.

Our Lifestyle Project

Akasya Farm (AF) is a live project for a Holistic Luxe Living where sustainability, organic nourished life and green lifestyle matter. Health is holistic & life is luxe in AF. We offer an organically inspired, functionally lived lifestyle with sustainability in mind.

This is a place for conscious choice consumers who want to turn everyday living into an act of grace named as "The Art of Living".  Conscious choice consumption with toxin free shopping for a lower waste lifestyle, ultimate healthified eating, bring holistic luxe, healthy lifestyle inspirations with a wealth of information to look, feel and act rich as well as stay young, slim and happy.

Healthy Luxe is a "green team" that evolved from a shared love and appreciation for Health & Wellness and Green Lifestyle, a style that you never regret to live in!


More from Our Portfolio for Holistic Learning, Organic Gardening, Healthy Lifestyle:


For the sake of sustainability in mind, AF went through an extensive search and brought great programs to you; "green products"  from free renewable energy to solar power and all other alternative energy sources. 

 Take a look into all content made by professional in collaboration with experienced technology experts that specialize in alternative energy sources which is an essential source of sustainable, green lifestyle.

Using sustainable energy & green products can benefit us and our environment in many ways, ease our lives and save a ton of money... Don't forget that it's also a must for saving the planet!


We gathered more great products for healthy-happy living. See below & get advantage of them. Don't forget to use their coupon codes for extra savings!

Akasya is more sophisticated way of saying acacia which is one of the very few flowering plant genus that are geographically distributed across the whole globe.

Akasya is fond in all the continents and a symbol of renewal, fortitude, pureness, adoration, freedom and immortality of the human soul because of the ever green nature of this bush. Reminder of the soul, like energy, cannot be destroyed but continues beyond the Earth Plane.

Akasya Spirit is not only reminding of eternal nature but also symbolizing remembrance.

Akasya serves us in multiple ways with its beautiful look amd smell, delicate flavor, as well as its nutritional and holistic value which is used for many benefits from relieving pain and irritation to reducing body fat and promoting oral health to name just a few.

It's a legend for many cultures and called Tree of Life!



Acacia makes an excellent garden plant!

We all love flowers and we can't do without them, right? Well, in this issue of HealthFreaks, we have a small competition for our readers. Come up with 5 different ideas of acacia that could cover all situations in life and you could be our lucky winner.

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